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Travis's Sunflowers

Travis's Sunflowers  12" x 12" oil
Travis's Sunflowers 12" x 12" oil
sold Sunflowers are one of my favorite subjects.
Everytime I think, "Oh, I shouldn't really paint another one,"
 I remind myself that there are no sunflower police. These
were some giants from our friend Travis's garden.

2 Responses to Travis's Sunflowers

Judy Laven
via marymaxam.net
When you do a flower so well, there should not be a limit to how many you produce. I give you permission to paint as many sunflowers as you want to. Note that you didn't mention the size of that picture or the one of the drift boat.

via marymaxam.net
Hey, thanks Judy for being my blog checker! I fixed the missing info. Now that I have the sunflower permission slip, I will look forward to more...
Look for a sunset tomorrow...M

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